dripping in gold

joelle andrea

gold is my favorite color. as a kid, i loved blue. deep, rich azure night sky and roiling seas at sunset. what began to emerge in my paintings as i grew up, however, was that metallic gold accent: a sun, a golden autumnal moon, stars… all gold and glowy juxtaposed with the velvety royal blue.

what gets me about gold is the luminous warmth it emanates, and how evocative it is. and how it works with my skin.

i’m waiting on metallic gold tattoo ink. i’d re-do all of my tattoos with that shit.

…i think i wear gold every day. like a goddammed princess. whatever.

protip: if you ever want to get me a prezzie, buy something gold. i don’t give a fuck what it is. gold > xyz.

i’m easy.



natural habitat

my mutant power is sleeping. i can sleep anywhere, any time under nearly any circumstance. one hour flight to la? please. hung over in an airport in las vegas and only the floor is open? gurl. mid-day on a show floor in boston? no b.

impressive… most impressive. i know.

if i could do all the things from the comfort of a big, fluffy, white-sheet (high threadcount, please), high in the sky bed, i’d be one happy puppy.

realistically, everything is lame and should i decide to never leave my bed, i’d become as pillow-like as the very ones i recline on. so my dreams of dreaming away my life delicately splayed out on a massive cloudtop are dashed on the rocky shores that is life and as such, i am torturing myself with photos of me flouncing around in my natural habitat.

fuck you, universe.


lady in the lake

lady in the lake
lady in the lake

sometimes i traipse around in a fucking lake, up to my tits in duck shit and whatever ungodly things are lurking beneath quaggy mud and rotting lakegrass roots, wearing a diaphanous shift meant to un-opaque when wet like it was intentional.

at 8 am.

like a fucking queen.

of a lake.

but whatever. i’ll take it. in polaroid form.