dripping in gold

joelle andrea

gold is my favorite color. as a kid, i loved blue. deep, rich azure night sky and roiling seas at sunset. what began to emerge in my paintings as i grew up, however, was that metallic gold accent: a sun, a golden autumnal moon, stars… all gold and glowy juxtaposed with the velvety royal blue.

what gets me about gold is the luminous warmth it emanates, and how evocative it is. and how it works with my skin.

i’m waiting on metallic gold tattoo ink. i’d re-do all of my tattoos with that shit.

…i think i wear gold every day. like a goddammed princess. whatever.

protip: if you ever want to get me a prezzie, buy something gold. i don’t give a fuck what it is. gold > xyz.

i’m easy.


5 thoughts on “dripping in gold

  1. I find it oddly that you don’t capitalize your words. But that being said, this is an interesting series you have here.


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