pix from pax

the lineup
streamteam cuties (HKsmash, LEGIQN, ImCoty)
Brian Kibler is my favorite Brian to ever Brian.
New A40 TR Headset sweg
dj soup
hey look, mikeb, a new don’t starve expansion
TRACER. w2b beta key plx
Xbox green
These were everywhere and I hated them. NOT TOPHATS, UBI. NOT ANYTHING REAL. UGGGH.
Clara and me love each other.
End of Day 4, and things get a little weird.
I made new friends with Filthy Casual Co. They gave me a prezzie. ❤
going hard?

this year at paxprime 2015, i fell in love. don’t make it weird, guys. a bit of backstory is needed:

for the entirety of my career in the games industry, i was on the media side of things. being a video host and journalist meant lots of interviews back to back, tons of research and studying, and of course, not looking tore-up from a night of partying (aka camera ready. bitches can tell if you’re hungover.) shows like pax and e3 had been fun and tons of work, and for the most part, left me feeling exhausted.

up until i joined astro. i’d always felt the need to “graduate” to the exhibitor side of things. having a home-base on the show floor, producing content for one brand, and generally growing and networking for one company. and when i interviewed at astro, it felt like that “oh duh” moment.

the show this year was a very long, 4-day weekend. we were next to twitch , so we got free entertainment all day. all i gotta say about that is: gang beasts. we had our stream team livestreaming from our booth. they are awesome, by the way. if you don’t know who they are, your life is incomplete. for reals.

my team at astro are some of the most passionate, dedicated and incredible motherfuckers i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. i’m stoked to be the annoying noobie. and after hours, man… i wish i could tell you what we got up to. but i can’t for… legal reasons. ?

paxprime 2015 was the year i felt the most at home. the most connected to my industry and the wonderful wacky people in it. this is where i belong. and i have a happy.


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