gettin skanky in the desert

my former boss, and #1 best photographer NA, mikeB and i traveled around southern california in the late summer, deciding to do a roaming photoshoot of sorts as we cruised for locations. this guy is not only one of my most favorite photographers (his composition, lighting and color is unbelievable) he’s also one of my favorite people on the planet ever. lucky me i get to be his guinea pig.

on a whim, we took highway 14 east off of the main highway 5 at the grapevine in southern california, and randomly found this grove of joshua/yucca trees on some dude’s property. once we parked, my top came off. fucking duh.

what i love about these shots is not only the composition of late morning sun, black dress and semi-desert location, but also mike’s lens. i call it the jj abrams-flare-o-matic. it shoots in this craaaaazy-wide cinemascope, and if you hit it with just the right light, lens flares for daaaaays and shit. it’s super epic and grandiose, which is how i like my stuff.

so there we go.


lindsay pulling her top off.




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