oil in my haaaair
and now it’s on this person’s bed gg

modeling is more than just looking pretty being comfortable in front of a camera. knowing your angles is vastly important, and knowing your angles in light-specific scenarios is even more important. being aware of what your forehead is doing, your thumb, your elbows, your chin… all of it requires you feel how each of those things look (as in, what does your forehead feel like when your brow is wrinkled v what it feels like when you’re relaxed.) mirrors are your friend. which is great, because all that time you spend looking in the mirror loses you friends. at least emotionally…

another slick trick i picked up last year was the miracle of baby oil. literally coating yourself in a thick sheen of oil does wonderful things when combined with skin+light.

you go from cottage-cheese thighs, undefined lumberjack arms and some nastyass… ass… to reflective, glowy polished plastic.

like magic.

or photoshop.

but not.

protip: baby oil fucking sucks because it gets everywhere. use with clothes you don’t give a fuck about.

photos by mike thompson (lightenupandshoot)


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