all that glitters

is not gold

so there was this one time i had a hair up  my ass about glitter. most people hate glitter. it’s known as raver herpies in some communities i hang out in. it permeates everything. think you showered and got it all off? think again, asshole. that shit shows up weeks later. want just a little bit of glitter? too bad, jerkwad. you’re getting all of it everyfuckingwhere. 12775977355_882276ff39_h

so anyways, there i was, thinking glitter. i wanted a glittershoot. like craaazy. i rounded up bestiefriends chalyce and stefani, and i went and bought 4 pounds of glitter.

chalyce let us use her house, and we laid a navy blue sheet on the floor, lit the fucker up, and dumped the entire container of glitter out. and then rolled around on it. we shot from above. it was glorious. it was everything i wanted. it was glitter.

did i mention the fuckton of glitter?

the cleanup was hilarious, and chalyce got into some hot water from her roommate, because, glitter. and instead of dusting off the glitter before going home, i tossed my clothes on and went home to shower.

we found glitter literally everywhere.

for weeks.

because fucking glitter.

i’m an asshole
pearl necklace bitches

no wonder people hate me.


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