star wars

the first movie i ever saw was a new hope. it’s still one of my top 5 all time favorite movies. that french horn when binary sunset comes on while luke is gazing across the great chott salt flat on tatooine contemplating his existence? fucking goosebumps. fuck.

i played episode 1: racer constantly on my n64. religiously. and fuck the boonta eve classic track.  fuck it right in the face. ugh. bullseye was the man though. rekt.

in 8th grade, i was so into episode 1 that i would do my hair like padme amidala with braids and loops and shit. the shitty unimaginative kids i was forced to go to school with made fun of me. so i stopped. upon reflection, the ramifications of that era in my life are far reaching. what the fuck, normal people? you’re even worse when you’re a kid, you know, and it’s all downhill from there. ugh, pleebs.

i can write an entire book about my star wars boner. instead, i’ll rely on semi-skanky pictures illustrating my dedication to the cause. because fucking star wars. i have no idea what these pictures have to do with my nerdgasm, but, whatever, MTFBWY


scruffy-looking nerfherder


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