in san francisco, we have a great opportunity to work with the academy of art because they own, like, 3-fucking-percent of the buildings in the city. and by great, i mean you kinda have no choice. 

as it happens two of the most quality shoots i’ve done have been at the academy campus near union square. newbie note: the surrounding neighborhood (the tenderloin) is horrifying and is rife with npc’s. bath salts, man. don’t fucking do it. 

this shoot was part of a series done by a great photographer (nadya), and i got some epic head shots from her as well. i fucking look like cersei lannister and shit.

 bitch is gonna cut you. 

like a birthday cake.

also look at those god dammed cheekbones. bask in their glory. 



One thought on “cersei

  1. yeah this one does cut 😦

    also not sure how much red bull you are on, but i hope you don’t end up in the penitentiary one of these days 😛


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