le tired

back again, bitches. i come and go as i please. i do what i want.  like a cat. or an overly-ambitious sloth.


admittedly i feel a little guilty for dropping off the face of the earth only to come back with a random tirade here and there. i always want to return to content creation for myself but i hide underneath “le tired.”

you know what i want? i want the picking back up of old habits to be easy. i want my coffee mug to refill automatically. i want 80-degree weather most of the year. i want a nap every afternoon, regardless of my surroundings.

but what i really want are equal rights for women and for people to care about the environment and climate change and how we treat animals.

and guess which one of those things i’m gonna get?


like a fucking cat. zzz.

naturally, one of my favorite shoots was short and sweet and involved me lolling around in bed after an event.

absentminded. distracted.


whatever. don’t split hairs with me.

photos by #1 best bossman mikeB



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