10 Fool-Proof Social Media Actions That Reverse #ClimateChange!

1. Make sure to use the hashtag #itslit to call attention to rising ocean
temperatures and massive species die off!

2. Create a
new Instagram account to document all the new wacky weather patterns showing up
around the world!

3. Use the
trending green Facebook profile photo filter to show the world at-a-glance
you’re on the right side of complex social issues.

4. Now that
Snapchat snaps last longer than the ice-caps, you can document the last of
remaining polar bears for your followers!

5. Download
the Pintrest app on your newest iPhone, and start a board to collect other
people’s creative new ideas to “Go Green!”

6. Sharing
is caring… for the environment, so make sure everyone knows 80% of the Great
Barrier Reef is dead from bleaching by hitting that “Share” button.

7. Retweet
those #climatechange memes to cause a stir to rouse others into action!

8. Send “Thoughts and Prayers” to victims of catastrophic
natural disasters by liking a popular tweet someone else wrote.

9. Think about other like-minded celebrity Twitter accounts you
could follow, like @LeoDiCaprio!

10. Nod in agreement at threads of comments on Al Gore’s latest
statement on reddit.


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