Local Fight for Best Haunted House Ends in Horror

MISSION VIEJO, CA – Residents of a sleepy Southern California town are shocked when
a seemingly friendly rivalry between local home haunters which ended in
bloodshed on Halloween night. Events came to a head Tuesday night after John
Bailey and Ralph Doolittle took to the streets to settle the outcome for who
won this year’s contest for “Best Overall Haunt.” What appeared to be high-quality
Halloween props turned out to be actual weapons after an argument came to blows
over a miscounted absentee ballot for Best Haunted House. The count was too
close to call, and when a tie-breaker was necessary, Mr Bailey began hurling
insults at Mr Doolittle’s “pathetic” display. What happened next was described
by eye-witnesses as the best live-action Halloween Haunt anyone had seen in
recent memory. Both Bailey and Doolittle were posthumously awarded a tie for “Best
in Gore” for 2017.