This Week in Headlines for October 30, 2017

Martha Stewart’s Recipe for Disaster
2. Local Fight for Best Haunted House Ends in Horror
3. Cheap Costumes Are Ruining the Fabric of America
4. Tech Bro Engineers ‘Soylent,’ Upholding Time-Honored Tradition of Avoiding
Human Food
5. Ladies: Don’t Be a Fucking Cunt About Feminism
6. After Drawn-Out Battle, Indian Burial Grounds to Be Awarded Reservation
7. Trending Twitter Hashtag Encourages Outdoor Activity
8. Coincidence of Hurricane Named After Shakespeare Play Lost on Untold Millions
9. New Rapunzel Tell-All: “I Don’t Just Let My Hair Down, I Let Down the People
in My Life”
10. Trump Declares Opioid Addiction A ‘National Crisis’ from Inside President’s
Chinese Opium Den