Lindsay Ferguson: Gentleman & Humorist

Lindsay Ferguson is a humor writer and banjo player in Northern California.

She currently studies Writing Satire for the Internet with Caitlin Kunkel and Writing for the Onion with Scott Dikkers from Second City, and enjoys attacking advertising and marketing, politics, and culture’s obsession with how women should people. Other writing credits include ironically writing marketing copy for the video games industry in San Francisco, and publishing poetry at Glendale College.

Prior to studying comedy, Lindsay spent five years dancing professional can-can and 10 years improving her way through renaissance faires across California. When she was 13, she fell in love with making people laugh, and had always wanted to be Jim Carrey when she grew up, but has since changed her mind and now wants to be herself + Tina Fey.

Lindsay resides in Oakland because that’s where failed part-time models can afford to live.